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Supportive Services


Organized and helpful on-site services will be offered at Duval Park, with ServiceSource acting as the lead service provider. The Warrior Bridge Program will assist with job placement, temporary financial assistance, family support, transportation, and links to outside support services. Many veterans transitioning out of a hospital have few personal possessions. The Warrior Bridge Program includes the "Veterans' Mall" that provides household items, cookware, toiletries and business attire free of charge to residents. Boley Centers will also implement their - Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program - that provides necessary employment training and education along with tools, clothing, and transportation options, such as gas cards and bus passes to veterans.

In addition to the on-site services, Duval Park is conveniently located to allow access to outside supportive services. There are two major veterans' medical centers in the area-Bay Pines VA Medical Center and James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital that includes the Tampa Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center. Since these centers are in close proximity, residents of Duval Park will have access to a wide range of services close by, including dental and eye care, pharmacy services, radiation oncology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, surgery services, and mental health services. The Tampa Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program is one of only five facilities in the county designed specifically to serve veterans with severe injuries to more than one organ system. This program allows veterans to build basic skills for an independent life and career, in addition to receiving healthcare. Both hospitals include comprehensive healthcare services for women. Residents at Duval Park will have access to public transportation to access these vital services, or they can use the Veterans Transportation Services or private transportation provided by Boley Centers. In addition to Duval Park's closeness to healthcare, there are several convenient amenities in the vicinity, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and a K-12 charter school.

Overall, Duval Park will be a supportive community that offers veterans with special needs a stable and independent lifestyle. Using on-site support programs and easy access to off-site services, veterans will have the opportunity to transition back into education and employment, allowing them to develop skills, achieve full independence and reach their personal and professional goals.





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